Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation

Founders and History

In 1910, as part of their lifelong commitment to philanthropy, Emily Alexander Baldwin and Henry Perrine Baldwin gave the Maui community a facility to provide housing for the elderly.  In addition, they created the Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation to provide operating funds for the home.  Both the home and the Foundation were dedicated to the memory of their son, Fred Baldwin.

When the home closed during World War II, the Foundation’s assets were committed to a charitable grantmaking program to support programs and projects serving Maui County.  Today, the Foundation continues Emily and Henry Baldwin’s legacy to the people of Maui – a legacy that has spanned generations and touched the lives of thousands in the community.

Fred Baldwin

Fred Baldwin1881-1905

Fred Baldwin, beloved by family and friends, was one of eight children of Emily and Henry Baldwin. He attended Yale University, where he was an enthusiastic athlete. After graduating in 1903, he returned to Maui and managed the Ha‘ikū and Grove ranches for two years. While vacationing with relatives in New York, he fell ill and underwent surgery for appendicitis. He died seven days later at the age of 24. More than a century later, his memory lives on through the philanthropy of the Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation.